We support data-driven decisions with data visualisation. in-depth analytics. actionable insights. reliable reports.

Our Analytics, Data Science and Data Platforms experts are the brains behind The Workshop. They operate in the background of every project, delivering insights that help us get a competitive edge in the market.

Our Values

Rapid and Reliable

Decision making in The Workshop moves fast, and Analytics helps to set the pace. Our analysis, visualisation and reporting is delivered fast, and with high quality. Being able to deliver advanced analysis on big data platforms in rapid time is essential to effective Analytics at The Workshop.

Detailed Analysis

The Analytical process and Scientific Method are central to everything we do. Questioning assumptions, challenging established ways of thinking and building certainty are the core of our Analytics practice. We don’t take anything for granted, and we back everything up with comprehensive analysis.

Actionable Insights

We combine our expert knowledge of data with a wealth of experience in Sports, Casino and Poker to provide meaningful insights that guide day-to-day decisions. We often use advance statistics, applied data modelling and machine learning – but we make sure to deliver simple outputs that are easy to absorb, understand, and use.

Our Process

We use agile methodologies to collaborate quickly with a large number of different teams.


We have extensive conversations with everyone, from Senior Leadership & Product Directors to Engineers and Customer Services Agents. This allows us to discover the biggest questions that can deliver the most value for the company.


The Workshop has data, lots of data. It often needs to be moved around, mixed up, chopped down and run through a variety of algorithms to develop the right output.


We find the signal in noise, diving through layers of complexity to understand the whole story around key feature launches, client performance, customer behaviour and platform delivery.


Having found all the pieces and pulled them together, it’s time to find the key actionable information that will bring a competitive advantage, and present it with precision and creativity.