See what we're up to...

See what we're up to...

Summer Party Malaga


We can’t put into words how good the summer party here in Málaga was.

Luckily, we don’t have to. See for yourself…


World Environment Day


5th June is World Environment Day.

The Workshop isn’t just eco conscious one day of the year – we’re making every day count.

We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint, from cutting unnecessary business travel to replacing wasteful aluminum coffee pods with Fairtrade organic coffee beans. It’s all part of our For Good campaign – a huge, ongoing sustainability initiative. We’ll be posting more about the changes we’ve made (and are looking to make) over the next few weeks.

To make such big changes, you have to start with small steps. So, to mark World Environment Day, we gave every one of our Inventors an eco-friendly water bottle to keep them hydrated (and environmentally responsible!) this summer.

Want to see them in action? Click “play…”

Coding Labs

Our Inventors in London enjoyed the first of our Coding Lab sessions recently. Antonio & Andrei from The Lab introduced us to programming process, languages, and a brief history of computing. We’re really looking forward to the next one!


Women Techmakers

As part of the International Women’s Day celebrations, some of our Spanish-speaking colleagues gave a presentation at Women TechMakers’ IWD 2019 Event in Málaga, sponsored by The Workshop.
Farah Adbib, Angelica Perales, Elena Cruz Martín, and Azahar Zafra were discussing Continuous Integration.

The theme for International Women’s Day this year is #BalanceForBetter. How can you contribute towards a more gender-balanced world? By raising awareness against bias, taking action for equality and celebrating women’s achievements not just today but every day.


Hackers Week

We’re proud to have sponsored Hackers Week at the University of Malaga – a week of talks and workshops on IT and new technology.

Thanks to everybody who stopped by our stand, and to our very own Pedro, who gave a great talk on clean code.

The Hive Presents: Service Mesh

There’s always something interesting going on at The Hive; you don’t even have to work here to come along and learn something new.

Our Solutions Architect Camilo gave a presentation introducing Service Mesh and Istio. After a fascinating talk about the core concepts, and a demo to see them in action, Camilo held a Q&A.

Thanks to everybody who came for asking so many intelligent questions – it was great to network (well, drink beers) with you all afterwards. If you’d like to join our team of brilliant Inventors, right now we’re looking for DevOps Engineers and Software Engineers, check out our openings.



The Oscars isn’t the only big event in the film calendar; 2019 saw the inaugural Workshop Film Festival in Málaga. As part of their team-building day, our TAG team (Technology Automation Group) was split into groups and set the task of coming up with a short video on the theme of customer service. All the winners would like to thank their parents, The Workshop, and Brian Lally, who ran the event.



Meanwhile in London the Marketing team enjoyed their own teambuilding afternoon with a trip to the V&A museum’s Design/Play/Disrupt videogame exhibition. For a company that makes games, it was great to get an insight into other creators’ process and play around with some really innovative games.

We know how to have fun here.

Designathon 2019

What a weekend!
For two days, the kitchen in our Málaga office became Designathon HQ. Six teams of Inventors were given a crash course in Design Thinking, then used their new skills to find creative solutions to real business problems.

The judges had a tough job with the teams putting forward some outstanding ideas, but The Quokkas came out on top with their simple, smart and fun design for an eco-friendly app.