Why should engineers choose Berlin and blockchain?

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Wesley Hall, Engineering Manager

In 1962, famed British science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke published an essay containing his ‘three laws.’ The third and most famous of these states: any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Those with a long history in technology are aware that this ‘magic’ appears in waves. Home computing, the internet, e-commerce, smart phones, social media and artificial intelligence have all brought about significant changes in how we live, work and interact. And the most recent foundational development in the tech world to do just that is the blockchain.

The blockchain and its associated technologies are unique due to how quickly they’ve entered the public consciousness. We don’t often see data structures become the subject of casual conversation. If you were to stop the average person in the street and ask them about linked lists or binary trees you’d very likely be met with a blank stare (unless you’d managed to choose a fellow technologist in your random selection).

However, mention the blockchain, and it’s more likely that someone could mention non-fungible tokens or perhaps some of the more aspirational ideas such as distributed identity management or the emerging decentralised ‘web3.’ All media – both social and traditional – is alight with discussions of these tools and systems, what can be achieved with them today and the value they may bring to our future society.

Much like other foundational developments that brought about a sea-change in the relationship between people and technology, the blockchain and related technologies show every promise of presenting a similar seismic change.

Indeed, this has already begun.

As is always the case with these new developments, it’s the younger generation that’s becoming the first to embrace the blockchain world. For these colleagues, concepts like NFTs are simply a fact of life. But for engineers, young and ‘seasoned’ alike with the need to work at the cutting edge of tech development, the promise of the blockchain and its related techniques simply cannot be ignored.

At The Workshop, we’re at the helm of these developments. Our blockchain technologies division is one of the fastest-growing and dynamic elements of the organisation, and as such we’ve recently expanded our operations to include the city of Berlin.

Berlin, along with London, Dublin and Amsterdam, is one of the primary centres of European tech development and, in our opinion, an excellent location to grow our blockchain engineering operations. 

We’re currently seeking engineers and technology professionals to join our Berlin team. 

What are we looking for?

A strong foundation in solving interesting and complex problems, along with a curiosity and passion to move into this new and emerging space is our primary requirement.

Previous experience building blockchain applications would certainly be an asset, but not a necessity.

We can provide an excellent opportunity to enter into blockchain development. If you’re an engineer who’s spent time developing ideas and concepts for how the blockchain may be effectively used to provide better tools, services and applications, you’re very likely our kind of person. 

As a blockchain engineer at The Workshop, you’ll be working on elements of our world-leading blockchain asset payment service system.

You’ll be applying your skills at the intersection of blockchain and fintech, working on and solving complex problems in the space of financial management. And as a member of a team in a brand-new location, you’ll play a pivotal role in helping to define and build an engineering culture in Berlin.

You’ll be working with an existing team of blockchain development experts based in our established locations in London and Málaga, and there will be ample opportunities to learn and collaborate with people already highly experienced in blockchain development techniques and approaches. 

And for those with a greater interest in leadership and management career paths within this fast-evolving and novel space, we’re keen to speak with you too.

The nature of the blockchain world presents a huge opportunity for creative and dynamic leadership to ensure that our technologists have the environment and resources required to deliver on the great promise of this new and world-changing tech stack.

So, if you’re an aspiring or experienced tech leader, there are many opportunities available within our growing blockchain operations in Berlin.

The second of Clarke's three laws states: the only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible. I’d prefer not to propose that we’re attempting the impossible, but to dissect the words of the great man slightly. Clarke's point would seem to be that to discover what’s possible, it’s necessary to push the boundaries.

As our value of moving Fearlessly Forward suggests, we’re no stranger to pushing boundaries, and we’d love to find colleagues to join us on that journey. If this sounds like it would be a worthy use of your time and effort then please do reach out.

We look forward to welcoming you to the team. See you in Berlin!

How to apply

If you like what you’ve read, head over to our dedicated Berlin careers page and apply for your next life-changing role in the blockchain arena.

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