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Our onboarding experience

Our TWS family is constantly growing and we are always thrilled to welcome talented Inventors to the team. But what happens beyond the recruitment process?

The employee experience starts with the first steps in a new work environment. These set the tone for how every team member settles into their role, explores their strengths and challenges and builds a sense of belonging. 

That's why we strive to create a smooth onboarding experience and make our employees feel connected to our company and culture, especially since starting a job during a pandemic comes with a unique set of challenges. 

To highlight this experience, we had the pleasure to learn three unique perspectives from our Inventors on what it’s like to join The Workshop:

Overcoming the fear of change – David, Senior Quality Engineer

'As you can imagine, changing jobs and moving to another city after a lifetime, in the current worldwide situation, does not come without a huge variety of feelings. I certainly remember the recruiting and onboarding process as an emotional rollercoaster.

Fortunately, moving to Málaga to join The Workshop was a straightforward call for such a big leap. The company has made me feel like a valuable professional throughout the recruitment process and later as a full-fledged employee.

The relocation package allowed my partner and me to have a soft landing in a city unknown to us and gave me a sense of the trust the company had put in me. Even in those first few days, I had a feeling of belonging and proximity to my new colleagues, despite being 500 km away – it really blew my mind how connected I felt. I give full credit to the company's culture for that.’

Preparing for a new job – Gavin, Senior Software Engineer

'Onboarding to a new environment could be a stressful process, but the overall experience was fantastic for me due to the company's thoughtful arrangement. That helped me to get settled in smoothly.

My journey began with the delivery of the tool kits for working remotely several days before my first day at The Workshop. Surprisingly, the package not only came with a laptop, but also a company backpack and treats! I was impressed by the wonderful package and felt a warm welcome.

I appreciate my supportive team for helping me get up to speed and the well-organised onboarding checklist that prepared me to quickly pick up the project context. Moreover, the logistics of account creation and access setup was super smooth.’

Meeting a new work family – Johnny, Software Engineer

'I was kind of stressed at the beginning, but after a very short time I started to feel comfortable. I broke the ice quite quickly with the team and, not long after, I got to know their entire families (babies, partners and pets). This kind of onboarding appears to be very effective and funny at the end, but very professional at the same time. It is more natural and human.

It was my first time to have this kind of onboarding remotely and I didn’t feel alone in any moment – the team was very supportive from the beginning.’

A well-designed onboarding process starts with making our new colleagues feel at home from day one and our Inventors are the reflection of our commitment to this. 

If you'd like to join our team and discover this experience yourself, head over to our Careers page to see the roles we currently have open. 


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