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Those who live their dreams know no limitations – our System Administrator Ivica is the perfect embodiment of this.

Originally from Croatia, Ivica moved to the south of Spain to join our team and has been working in our Málaga office for the past year and a half. As part of his job, he values the opportunity to use his technical expertise in working with challenging processes and watch his ideas for improvement flourish, using collaboration as an asset to progress. 

As an experienced IT expert who is passionate both within and outside the workplace, he considers himself lucky that he has the flexibility to be his most productive self, as well as enjoy the perks of this great location for avid adventurers like himself.

We are excited to share his story and give you the inside scoop on his greatest passion: paragliding. In his words, here are some tips on how you can take your interest in flying to the next level!

Taking a leap and moving to Málaga

“Coming to Spain was one of the best choices I have made in a long time. Spain is treating me well both privately and professionally.”

Paragliding: Love at first sight

“A couple of years ago I was in Switzerland and for the first time saw pilots taking off from a mountain. The minute I saw them, I knew in my bones that this is something I needed to do! I went back to Croatia and started my course.” 

A dangerously fun activity

“Paragliding is not just a sport; it’s a way of living for me. It is a way of living because it’s not something I can do in the backyard – I need to check the weather conditions and find the right spot. Waiting for take-off can take a long time (called parawaiting) for a flight that lasts twenty minutes or three hours. I also have to climb up the mountain and look for someone to pick me up, especially when I land in the middle of nowhere. 

My constant search for new experiences makes me a competitive person in all areas of life, including business, so it’s essential to have the opportunity to learn and develop on the job. The same is with paragliding - setting new altitude, distance and time records gives me a feeling of accomplishment.”       

What makes paragliding such a unique experience 

"I usually spend most of my vacations flying because when I am in the air, I feel detached from the urban chaos. Whenever I can, during weekends, I fly in one of the most popular areas in Spain: Algodonales, in the province of Cádiz - the surrounding areas are my favorite. My next vacation is in the Pyrenees and Switzerland and I can’t wait!

I started flying when I was home in Croatia, but Andalucía is like Mecca for paragliders, and I didn’t even know that before I came! That is the reason why I am even happier to be here. Any explorer interested in adrenaline sports, or sports in general, will find that Spain has it all, which makes it a perfect home for adventurers!”

No matter what your passion might be, Ivica recommends that everyone should take a tandem flight and experience this magnificent sport, as it could change your life (although, if you suffer from vertigo, perhaps this is not the best option!).

We are lucky to have a team of talented and driven Inventors like Ivica and be a part of their experience in pursuing their goals and passions.

If you’re ready to join us for the best ride ever, check out our Careers page for the current role openings in Málaga.

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