Evolving our platform: from on-premise to cloud

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Pablo, Head of Engineering

Innovation is driven by consistently reinventing and evolving standardised systems and processes.

Over the past few years, we’ve focused our efforts on cloud computing optimisation, adopting new ideas and methodologies. Our goal is to integrate the cloud-enabled delivery model further and futureproof our platform. We’re well on our way to making cloud transformation a tangible reality.

To learn more about cloud deployment and the integral role it plays in our future development, we have the pleasure of featuring our Head of Engineering, Pablo, as he shares with us his inspiring professional journey and future ambitions.

Developing progress

‘My first job in IT was at the age of 16, assembling and fixing computers in a computer store that I had visited since childhood. After completing my studies, I joined a startup as a System Administrator. My years there were spent learning about a wide range of disciplines, working closely with software engineers, and even leading a small department of three to four people. In 2013, The Workshop gave me the opportunity to join the team and start my journey as a DevOps Engineer. Now, eight years and three roles later, I’m Head of Engineering, leading an awesome team of DevOps Engineers and Architects, focusing on cloud transformation.’

Challenges and rewards

‘As part of the central services teams, DevOps are focused on providing solutions to development teams in order to deliver a stronger performance. Without a doubt, that is the most rewarding part of my job: watching how our technical solutions add value to the wider department. It is safe to say we’ve made a lot of progress over the last few years: Infrastructure-as-Code, feature-rich Kubernetes clusters or Public Cloud solutions are great examples.’

Enhancing technical development through cloud transformation

‘We are continuously looking for better ways to do our work, and this often means introducing new technologies or improving existing ones. Also, we have mechanisms in place to share this knowledge among the rest of the group, so everyone is up to speed. As subject matter experts, we must always be ready to address inquiries and help - collaboration and teamwork are essential to our success. Technology-wise, this year we’ve introduced ArgoCD, Istio, Kubernetes OpenPolicyAgent, and Pulumi, to name a few. Are there’s plenty more to come.’

The Workshop’s perspective

‘Cloud transformation is a complex term that usually means different things to different companies. We like to see it as an opportunity to evolve our platform through the adoption of cloud-native tools and practices in order to future-proof our services. Moreover, cloud brings the opportunity to retire, replace, re-architecture, and even reimagine - encouraging us to think big and constantly consider how we want our platform to be.

Like many other companies in the industry, we come from the on-premise world, and running such a transformation is an ample and elaborate process. My greatest challenge right now is to see this become a reality. Exciting times ahead! We’re looking forward to what comes next. ‘

As we move fearlessly forward towards our goal, we face many unique challenges, and we’re looking for talented Inventors to help us tackle them - check out our Careers page and join our team in shaping the future of technology.

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